The Intercultural Health’s Direction of Chimborazo province had 503 traditional healers registered in 2012. Eighty-four (84) healers of these number accepted to complete the survey that was designed for the study. Traditional healers within the province used medicinal plants to cure different illness. The knowledge of this practice is being transferred from generation to generation for centuries. Although healers are not always on-ground to share information, a total of 84 registered healers were involved in the study. Some of them have been dedicated as traditional healers for more than 45 years. It should be noted that the use of medicinal plants by women was higher (66.7 %) than by men (33.3 %). The therapists were self-called mainly as “parteras/os”= midwifes (37.2 %, Table 2) followed by “yachags”= wises (21.2 %), and witch-doctors (“limpiador/a”, 16.1%), herb chemist (“hierbatero/a”, 13.1%) or physiotherapist (“sobador/a”, 12.4%) also.

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