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1) Emotional component: how we feel about an object, person, group, event or some piece of work. Whether we feel happy, good, energetic, encouraged, comfortable, and relaxed or we feel disgusted, lethargic, discouraged, fearful, and enraged; in fact there are hundreds of other emotions that play role in formation of our attitudes.

2) Cognitive component: cognitions mean our way of dealing with information that includes perception, thinking, and memory. Attitudes are also based on how we perceive certain information and how much we consider it to be meaningful. We usually think about an object, person, group, event or some piece of work as easy or difficult, challenging or simple, threatening or supporting, beneficial or harmful to others, and these thinking patterns play a key role in the formation of attitudes about the target objects.

3) Behavioral component: the combination of thinking and feeling in a certain way about some objects leads us to act toward that object in a certain way. If we consider a task enjoyable (emotional component) and think that it is a useful activity (cognitive component), e.g. solving math problem or playing a game of chess, it is more probable that we will do that task in a positive way (behavioral component). If we consider math or chess to be boring (emotional component) and relatively less useful activities (cognitive component), then we will most likely avoid them (behavioral component).


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