The main N21 road (linking France north and south) is just 4 minutes away and provides easy access to the many tourist sites this area has to offer. We are 45 minutes from Limoges airport which is well served by Ryanair or 1 hour 30 minutes from Bergerac airport, or approximately 7 hours by car from Calais and 6 hours from St Malo.

There are four international airports to chose from. Bordeaux is farthest away but has the most international flights. Limoges airport, Bergerac airport and Brive airport are closer and have flights from Ryanair. Limoges is the best option if you are flying from the UK but Bordeaux has a regular airport bus service to the train station. From these airports you then need to get to La Coquille – by train is the best option from Limoges and Bordeaux and by bus from Bergerac.

London, United Kingdom—Limoges

Nonstop (4 per week)1 h 40 min

Manchester, United Kingdom—Limoges

Nonstop (2 per week)1 h 45 min

Nottingham, United Kingdom—Limoges

Nonstop (2 per week)1 h 40 min

We can personally meet you at the airport, and bring you to our Retreat.